Text leads
Right after you email your leads, lets start texting!

The text message is designed to introduce you and provides your lead with a couple resources to start researching our work at home opportunity before you speak with them.

Here is an example of a text message that you can use: (Just copy and paste this message, you do not need to type it out each time)

Hi Mary, My name is ___________ with AmeriPlan. I received your request for information regarding working at home with our benefits company. You can listen to a recorded Career Overview call at 760-569-1331 which goes over full details about working with our company. Watch Short video at:

You can also read details online at (ENTER YOUR WEBSITE HERE). After reviewing the details, you can reach me at this number (by call or text) with any questions you have. Looking forward to speaking with you soon! Have a beautiful day!

Some people will text you back and thank you for the information. Some won't respond at all, but will just research behind the scenes, a lot of people do that. And you may have one or two here and there that respond back thanking you for the information but stating that they are not interested. No worries, if they text you back that they are not interested, you can respond with:

You're very welcome. We will remove you from our contact list. Please keep our company in mind if you need to save money on dental or medical. We offer plans at $24.95 a month for the entire household. We also help people with past due hospital bills. More information at: Best of luck to you with your search for work at home!