Get Leads

Below are websites you can get  free leads and purchase leads for 10 cents!

What sort of leads are they?

These are leads that are generated through a marketing company that advertises and then sells the leads. This is a great option for our team members who:
Would like to re-invest a little into their business. If you're not there yet, no worries, just focus on working the free methods like many of us did when we were new. 
For those who want to start talking to people right away and need leads quickly. 
For those who have started advertising in places like free classifieds, social media, etc. and just haven't generated enough leads to have the recommended 3-5 new conversations per day.
If you fall into one of those three categories, working with purchased leads can be a great option for you!

Working with purchased leads is a pretty simple process.  

The first Step is orders leads.  You can order a few free leads (see free lead source below).  And then order 10 cents leads.

Paid Leads:   (generic Leads) 10 cents leads
We recommend working with the .10 cents Internet Short Form Leads. However, there are also .1, .3, and .5 leads available.  However, 10 cents leads are fresher and more receptive.

Team Coop Leads.   check with your enroller about our monthly coop.

Free Leads:  (practice leads)